Wednesday, January 12, 2011


It's a new year.  And we're all getting cabin fever!  It's around 12 degrees outside, frozen snow and slippery ice everywhere.  This is supposed to be the sunny south!  We don't know how to act around snow down here!  We get an average of, what, 2 inches of snow a year?  And nearly 7 inches in less than 24 hours... that is what we got on the night of January 9th.  And it's still here!  It won't go away.  We're all frozen and scared to drive (resulting in the aforementioned cabin fever).  Ahhhh!

Other news?  Well, we're all still living with my mother.  Hopefully not for much longer, but I know I've said that before.  It's been nearly a year now and we haven't tried to slit each others throats in the night... so far, so good?  [Kidding, mom!  :) ] Phil's been looking into a few other job possibilities and housing opportunities.

The last few months of 2010 flew by for us.  What a hectic few months.  I spent all of my free time crocheting Christmas gifts in order to cut back on holiday spending.  Ended up having a wonderful Christmas (even though we are always short on cash) thanks to wonderful family and friends (that sounds rather selfish... I know we would have had a wonderful Christmas without any gifts... I was just stressing about not being able to give any)! I'll add some pictures eventually, but they're all on facebook.

What does the new year bring for us?  Hopefully, a new job for Phil, a new house for us, kids a year older (us too, for that matter!)... and all sorts of new (mis)adventures!

Happy New Year to all and to all a GOODNIGHT!