Saturday, October 9, 2010

Too Much to Say, So Little (free) Time!

Here I sit, at my dinky laptop, at 12:54 in the morning.  I've been working on going to bed earlier lately.  Have had too little energy, and too short of a temper.  Definitely, more sleep is in order.  But I always find myself loath to relinquish the tranquility of the early hours.

I have five young children, and I love having five children.  But even loving mommies need a few minutes of serenity.  By bedtime, I am beyond ready for a few minutes (at least!) of this.  It's not that my children are especially rambunctious, either.  Sure, they have their moments, but overall they are sweet, well-behaved rascals.  But it's hard to relax when you have so many who need a mother's attention.  Whether it's a seven year old, asking how to spell "idiosyncrasy" (kidding, he's never asked me how to spell that...yet), or a five year old wanting eye-liner on (yeah, right!), or a three year old wanting to tell me about last years boo-boo's, or a two year old wanting to know "wut dat?" is several times in a row, or a 7 month old wanting to be held after an attempt at standing FAIL.  Whew.  Yeah, not much relaxation going on during the waking hours. Yes, most of them take naps still, but they hardly coincide.  All that to say... THIS is why I'm usually up at this hour.

You'd think that when my quiet time finally arrives, I'd know what to do with it.  I guess mostly, there are just too many things I want/need to do at once.  For now I'm going to work on finishing this crochet project that is taking much more time to make than it should.