Friday, June 11, 2010

Too Many Random Thoughts.

I really need to blog more often.  I'm going to try to focus on one random thought at a time.  Yeah, right.  Here goes.

Effectual parenting has really been on my mind lately.  It's something I think about frequently, what with having five kids and all.  It's really hard to find a common ground with anyone when it comes to parenting.  Even if two parents have similar beliefs, their parenting styles may be completely different.  Even Phil and I don't always agree on the way to handle a situation (which is the main reason it's been on my mind more than normal).  I've been doing some reading online and here are some of my thoughts. 

As a parent, it is important to establish your leadership.  YOU are in charge, and that's just the way it is.  Ok, so the parent is the boss, but it's the same at any job - yes, the boss has authority, but also lots of responsibilities.  Rasing kids is a huge responsibility.  Don't ever take it lightly. 

Also as a parent, you have a right to be obeyed.  You must enforce this right, be affectionately assertive and accept the responsibility of raising your children.  "Discipline" has become a bad word.  But contrary to popular belief, the word "discipline" does not mean punishment.  Discipline may certainly involve punishment, but it has a much more important meaning.  Discipline really means confident, effective leadership.  It means teaching and learning.  It means parenting.  I stole the following from another blog, with his permission: Teach your children to aquire - by personal example, directed practice and verbal explanation - the great virtues of sound judgment, a sense of responsibility, personal courage, self-control and magnanimity.

I'm  out of time for right now, so I'll come back to this later.