Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Episode 100,000: Where Julie Got Her Groove Back

Six weeks after the birth of my fifth child, things are finally starting to settle into place. I'm starting to feel like myself, my older children have adjusted to a new brother (meaning mommy is even busier than usual), and said baby brother is happy and healthy. The craziness of having five children has sunk in, and I've begun to accept this craziness. I feel calm, relaxed and able to cope. (Thank you, Lord!)

I'm ready to be productive again. I'm ready to go out and about with my large brood. (Maybe?) I'm blissfully in love with my family. And did I mention this weather? It's enough to set one's heart a-glowing.

Today I have a six year old working on a "book report". He's loving mommy's attention as he works.

Today I have a four year old, learning to read and happy to have mommy sit with her and help.

Today I have a two year old, coloring within the lines and trying to write E's all over the place.

Today I have a one year old, trying to copy everything her older siblings do...trying to say everything they say, trying to write.

Today I have a six week (!) old baby, napping sweetly in the bed we share.

Ahhhhh. This is the life.

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